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Days in Kashmir
The Mission and Vision of Saba Homes is very clear. This organization is not only providing boarding and lodging facilities to the orphan girls, but it helps to train them in such a way that they should be moulded for the social and behavioral changes to the right path. This makes their life successful, peaceful with dignity and better rewards from Allah ST hereafter. The initial training includes:
a) Working together b) Working in groups c) Helping the room mother  d) Working and learning in a peaceful Islamic way that all human beings are equal, and to eliminate the prejudice and hate.
The girls visited Kashmir with their Mama, Administrator and Room mothers for a six day visit. This was their most memorable visit. From morning till evening they visited different places and their disciplined manners reflected that the Saba Home's mission and vision is very clear to them.
The girls visited mountains, valleys and rivers. The groups were organized under their leaders who performed a very good job. There have been no complaints against them during this period. If any girl experienced health problems, the other one would take charge and perform the duty.
They played games, held competitions of Naat and poems. In Kashmir, there was only very cold water available but they prayed regularly. One of the girls said to Mama with curiosity that she found that these native people were very strange as they kept very cold snowy water in wash rooms as well.
Some of the girls have relatives from Kashmir. When their families were informed, they came to see them and their Saba Homes family. They were very happy to see their dear ones participating in different educational and sports activities. LaRaib is one of these Kashmiri girl. Her mother asked her to come home and see her Grandma for some time but she said "Mother, I will come to see all of you when I am on vacation, at present I can't leave my colleagues, and I do not want them to do my part of the job during my absence". While coming back they all lauded "Goodbye Kashmir, Goodbye Kashmir". On reaching Saba Homes most of them told Papa that we had heard regarding Kashmir from our parents but seen Kashmir for the first time. They said that this occasion will stay in their mind forever and they thank Mama and Papa who gave us real love and affection which a child should expect from their real parents.