Warda Noor - I am Very hard working and Intelligent.This is what my teachers say about me: She needs to improve her attitude and behaviorShe wants to be a Software Engineer.she has achieved: 1st Position in class, 3RD Position in Karate, 1st Position in Rally race, Spoon race 1st Position, Spelling bee 1st Position, 1st Position in Islamic
Shanza Hanif - I am good girl, good behavior , Needs to develop sense of responsibility.I want to be Army Doctor.Certificate in Naat, Science fare Certificate
Raheela Bibi - I am Obedient and bears good behavioral characteristics. I am punctual.i want to be a Pilot.achieved: 1st postion in 3 Leg race, 1st Position in classFull attendance Certificate.2nd Position in flag race1st Saba Girl of the month.Spelling bee, Islamic quiz certificate
Qurat Ul Ain - I am obedient and well behaved,I am always looking to achieve my goals in life. I am a high achieverambitions to become an Army officer.achieved: Best girl Certificate, Saba girl of the Month, 1st Position in badminton, Islam quiz certificate, Spelling bee, 1st position in karate,2nd Position in painting, Good manner certificated, 2nd position in
Omaima Shafique - I am a hard working and good girl. I bear good moral character.She wants to be an Astronaut.I have achieved First position in rally race, Ist Position in chingo game, Certificate in behavior , Full Attendance, Race for the Gold star, Science fare, Summer Camp
Nabeela Bibi - I am a very nice girl, I am hard working and well maintained.I want to be a Doctor.I have achieved Certificate in Summer camp , 2nd position is Race.
Malika Noor - I am an obedient and Intelligent girl. I am a team player. I want to be Business woman. I have achieved 1st Position holder,Certificate in race for golden star, Summer Camp, Science fare , 2nd Position in flag race, Certificate in respectful and Obedient, 1ST Position in Art.
Hira - Hello, I am Hira and I am very a Polite and mannerly girl, I needs to work hard to achieve the goals.I want to be a Teacher.I have achieved 1ST Position Islamic quiz and Skipping
Fatima daud - Hello, I am Fatima and I am good in studies, Good in art and Craft.My ambitions are to become a Heart specialist.I have been awarded a writing competition , 1ST in eating competition , 2nd position in race, Best girl medal, Certificate in summer camp.
Dua Shafique - Hello I am well behaved and cooperative girl.I am very confident and I know to fight for her rights.I want to be a Pilot.I achieved First position in Spelling bee, 3rd Position in Karate.