Saghir Aslam Man Behind ‘Saba Trust’ & ‘Saba Homes’ Invited In The House Of Commons Boothroyd Room Portcullis House To Raise Aw

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An all-party parliamentary group on third world solidarity to promote and support human rights, peace and justice through dialogue was held in Boothroyd room Portcullis house, hosted by Rt Hon Dave Anderson MP and people were invited to attend awareness meeting about ‘Saba Trust and Saba Homes In Rawalpindi for orphan girls from age 3 to 14.

The speaker Mr. Saghir Aslam founder/chairman spoke at length about the Trust. He was leading a happy life in U S A but his heart bled when he saw people suffering and deprived of basic needs and he wanted to do something to alleviate that. So he against all odds set up Saba Trust & Saba Homes for orphan girls who were very vulnerable in our male dominated society. He is glad he started it and has full support of his family. The purpose of his visit was to launch ”our newly registered Saba Homes” in the U K and this had been accomplished with the help from House of Commons and Alderman Mushtaq Lashari. A film was shown giving details of actual work and it was a pleasure to see little girls and teenagers wearing a smile. He appealed to the audience to be generous and help him to bring about happiness to most deserving and needy ‘Makhlook’ Alderman Mushtaq Lashari of 3rd world solidarity said that he had been and seen the good work done by Saghir Aslam and his team. He was full of praise and recommended the charity wholeheartedly. Mr Lashari further added that Allah has said in Holy Quran ‘Ehsanan Zavilqurbe Walyaatama’ so by helping Trust you will be fulfilling Allah’s command.

Mr Mohammed Walayat Khokhar of ‘Muslim Hands’ a famous charity, who has recently been awarded MBE by the Queen for his charitable work also spoke highly of Saghir Aslam and his team and exhorted audience to donate generously.

Dr Majid a PhD doctor who is blind himself travelled with a helper from Walthamstow saidthat he was an example of deprivation and expected people to be generous with donations.

Cllr Masoud Ahmed ex-mayor of Waltham Forest said that he adopted a charity during his mayor ship and requested people to support good causes which he still does.